Ridgetop Station Park Arboretum

1954 Woodruff Avenue
Located in a city park with playgrounds, picnic facilities, a perennial flower garden, and a museum that is housed in a 19th century house, the arboretum's trees are easily viewed by those who use the mile-long walking trail or visit the museum and outbuildings. The mission is to provide an educational opportunity for the local community and schools. The arboretum is a joint project of the Robertson County Master Gardeners, the City of Ridgetop, and the Ridgetop Garden Club.
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>Ridgetop Historical Society Hosts Abroretum Dedication
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The Ridgetop Station Park Arboretum is located on the edge of the Highland Rim in south Robertson County, Tennessee. The 26-acre park encompasses woodlands, fields, an old orchard, a 19-century antebellum-styled house with lawns and gardens, and period outbuildings. The house contains the Ridgetop museum that includes local historical items and pictures of the construction of the railroad tunnel under Ridgetop. Playground equipment, volleyball courts, picnic tables, and shelters are in the park. A paved walking trail and paths crisscross the park.

Ridgetop Station Park is located in the city of Ridgetop on State Hwy 257 less than one mile from Highway 41, a major transportation artery in North Davidson/South Robertson Counties. The park has parking facilities as well as handicapped accessible restrooms and trails. The park grounds are open year-around from dawn to dusk.


The park walking trail winds through large sugar maple, hickory, oak, and tulip poplar trees that are a prominent feature of the park. The trail passes by the orchard, located on a part of the property that once was part of a large orchard supplying fruit to the Watauga Sanitarium and Seventh Day Adventist Schools. Other species including fig, ginkgo, Chinese chestnut, and paw paw trees are near the historic house and outbuildings and the raised perennial garden maintained by the Ridgetop Garden Club and Robertson County Master Gardeners.

In early 2012, the Ridgetop Garden Club and Robertson County Master Gardeners decided to label park trees for the educational benefit of the users of the walking trail and of school children in the area. Encouraged and funded by the Ridgetop Park Board and City Council Ridgetop, members contacted Dwight Barnett, the Tennessee State Forester for Robertson County, to make a survey of the park trees. Forester Barnett assisted in identifying and listing over 35 unique tree species, inspected and marked potential tree hazards, and suggested to the survey participants (Ridgetop Garden Club and Robertson County Master Gardeners) that they pursue a Level 1-Arboretum certification. The Urban Forestry Council awarded this certification in July 2013.

As there are no other arboretums in Robertson County or North Davidson County, the Ridgetop Station Park arboretum is a natural resource for school children and for the community. There are two elementary schools within a 1.5-mile of the Park. The local Boy Scout troop assisted in attaching the tree labels and will continue to do service projects in the park/arboretum. Community interest and buy-in to the arboretum are promoted by memorial gifts plantings of approved tree species at designated locations on the park grounds in concert with Ridgetop Park planning/maintenance personnel.





Ridgetop Historical Society Hosts Abroretum Dedication

 Ridgetop Historical Society members and guests, whose annual ice cream social was Sunday, August 25th, were joined by city and county  officials; Ridgetop Garden Club members:  Master Gardeners;  State Forestry personnel; and other service groups  for the dedication of  the Ridgetop Station Park Arboretum.   The arboretum, the first in Robertson County, is certified as a Class 1 arboretum by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.  Over 40 species of trees are labeled, mapped on a park guide, and  visible from the walking trail or on the lawn of the historic Wilson House Museum.   The arboretum is dedicated to preserving and increasing the aesthetic value of the trees and park as well as providing an educational resource to the community.

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Master Gardener Trina Fulton, Urban Forestry Council Bruce Webster, Master Gardeners Dorothy Briggs, State Forester Dwight Barnett, Former Ridgetop Alderman Elizabeth Webb, Master Gardener Lynn Stenglein, Ridgetop Garden Club member Judy Belloli. 2012 Park Board member Sherri Jackson, Musician Gareth Lamphrey    Ridgetop Mayor Darrell Denton, Ridgetop Park Board Chair Josh Reasoner,  Robertson County Mayor Howard Bradley Boy Scouts Stephan & Timothy Fulton, Master Gardeners Trina Fulton, Lynn Stenglein, Jeanne Protsman, Ridgetop Mayor Darrell Denton, Robertson County Mayor Howard Bradley, Urban Forestry Council Bruce Webster

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